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Baby Rheya Natural Rubber Baby Doll

Baby Rheya Natural Rubber Baby Doll

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Baby Rheya's 100% natural rubber body stimulates a young child's senses. Just like real skin, her body is smooth and flexible to the touch. It even retains a child's warmth when held, providing soothing comfort and making her the perfect companion.

Rheya's natural rubber fragrance becomes a familiar and emotionally reassuring feature, with a calming effect and promotes security and trust whenever baby Rheya is near. Her hand painted facial features such as beautiful big round eyes and slightly closed mouth trigger social and emotional interactions and awaken the sense of care and empathy, with a flexible and movable soft body.

Rheya's washable cotton clothing is easily removed for playing dress up and encourages your child to learn to dress themselves. Rheya loves bath time with loved ones and natural rubber being hermitically sealed means there is no damage of mildew fearing.

  • Ages: 18+ months
  • Height: 13 inches
  • GOLS Certified (Global Organic Latex Standard)
  • Gift Box Included
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