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BALMUDA The Speaker

BALMUDA The Speaker

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The high quality acoustics reproduce the vocally-driven and three dimensional sound of a live performance. The lights recreate the visual excitement of a concert. BALMUDA The Speaker is designed to recreate a full sensorial immersion into live music.

  • Clear, three-dimensional sound: sound is reproduced with crisp dimensionality all while maintaining the acoustic integrity of the song. This design makes the speaker perfect for vocal-oriented music.
  • Sound that you can see: inside the speaker are a multitude of strategically placed LED lights designed to react with the music. There are also three glass cylinders that amplify the lighting. The lights are precisely synchronized at a speed of 0.004 seconds. This effect reproduces the feeling of a live concert.
  • Three distinct light experiences:
  • Candle Mode for a flickering calm glow.
  • Ambient Mode for a gentle synchronization with moderate flickering.
  • Beat Mode for an immersive music experience with full light synchronization.
  • Portable and rechargeable: Compatible with Bluetooth® and AUX input. USB-C charger. Approximately 7 hours of continuous operation time on the battery.


  • Unit Dimensions: 4.1" x 7.4" (105 mm x 188 mm)
  • Weight: Approx. 2.2 lbs (including the built-in battery)
  • Power Consumption (when charing the battery): 15W
  • Power Supply: DC 5V, lithium-ion polymer battery (AC adapter sold separately)
  • Battery Charging Time: Approx. 2.5 hours
  • Continuous Operation Time on the Battery (with the Bluetooth Connection): Approx. 7 hours
  • Speaker Dimensions: 3" in Diameter (full range)
  • Enclosure Type: Closed type
  • Effective Maximum Output: 8W
  • Input: External input terminal  (ø1/8 in. [3.5 mm], stereo mini jack)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32 to 104F
  • Communication Type: Bluetooth standards Version 5.0
  • Output Bluetooth standards: Power Class 2
  • Maximum Communication Distance on Bluetooth: Approx. 32.8 ft
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