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The Ultimate Unwind: CocoBomb + Cocofloss

The Ultimate Unwind: CocoBomb + Cocofloss

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CocoBomb Fragrance
Cocofloss Fragrance

Bask in bath bliss with an all-natural, extra-large CocoBomb scented with aromatherapeutic essential oils. Then soothe your smile with ultra-cleansing Cocofloss, featuring 500+ scrubby threads in a loofah-like weave, infused with coconut oil and uplifting essential oils.

  • 1 CocoBomb & 1 Cocofloss spool  in the relaxing aromas of your choice
  • Made with only green and clean ingredients, our fizzy, slow-release CocoBombs are 30% larger than your average bath bomb and top your tub with dreamy foam. 
  • Every CocoBomb is made extra creamy with coconut milk, fair-trade organic coconut oil, and coconut pulp CO2. 
  • Peruse the full list of soothing, all-natural CocoBomb ingredients.

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