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Scented Candle In Concrete Container - 3 Wick

Scented Candle In Concrete Container - 3 Wick

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blomus Scented Candle in Concrete Container - 3 Wick each candle feature a unique fragrance in a beautifully colored concrete container. 

blomus fragrantly enters the scented candle market with a collection of candles with natural scents. Our aromatic notes come from the natural world, which means that the room is just ever so subtly and lightly perfumed.

  • Natural soy wax candle burns cleanly and is free of toxicant.
  • Candles contain no palm, have extremely low soot production and are environmentally friendly. 
  • Candles are 400 grams / 14 ounces
  • Burn time 25 hours
  • 2.6" height / 5" diameter
  • All candles also available in a small and large single wick version.

Lily White Container - French Cotton Fragrance - Floral aromas with a sweet herbal note. 

Rose Dust Container - Fig Fragrance - A Composition of herbal and floral aromas with a spicy, fruity note.

Withered Rose Container - Sea Salt & Sage Fragrance - A refreshing herbal and fruit mix with woody notes and a hint of lavender.

Micro Chip Grey Container - Sandalwood Myrrh Fragrance - A warm, woody scent. 

Magnet (charcoal) Container - Soft Linen Fragrance - A clean, fresh scent with light floral aromas and a sweet herbal note.

Flintstone (blue) Container - Rose & White Musk Fragrance - Herbal and floral aromas with a rosy citrus note. 

Satellite (taupe) Container - Royal Leather Fragrance - Rich earthy scent with a light smoky note. 

Tarmac (olive) Container - Kyoto Yume Fragrance - Floral scent with a composition of spicy aromas and a woody note with a hint of vanilla. 

Pine Grey Container - Basil & Bergamot Fragrance - A touch of basil spice combined with bergamot citrus.

Port Container - Cinnamon & Apple Fragrance - Warm and spicy fragrance of cinnamon and apples.

Beautiful colored concrete container can be used after candle has been burned out as a storage jar or to plant small succulents.

Concrete container colors coordinate beautifully with blomus linens, storage boxes and vases. 

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