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Floral Rose Quartz Dish

Floral Rose Quartz Dish

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Make your love life blossom with the beauty of this crystal dish. This striking floral dish is topped with a magnificent crystal. It is perfect to place on your desk, table, nightstand or anywhere that needs a little healing or inspirational energy.  We wire wrap each stone by hand onto the dishes at our lovely design atelier in New York City and infuse the stone with positivity. This piece is sure to improve the vibration of your space in a beautiful way.

We combined a gold flower with rose quartz to make bring peace, love and calm into your orbit. Flowers symbolize life, love and natures beauty and with a raw rose quartz stone how could you not feel the love.

Rose quartz is a powerful high vibration crystal to evoke peace and love. Use this stone to promote harmony and romance in your life and environment. Pink is a very soft color merging the root red chakra and the crown white chakra centering us. Rose quartz is associated with the heart.  It is highly protective as the strongest frequency is that of love in the universe.10% of proceeds from this crystal dish is donated to

Dimensions - 3.5" diameter x 1.5" thickness

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