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Gardening Lover Crystal Tool Bundle

Gardening Lover Crystal Tool Bundle

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Lovely bundle for the ultimate garden lover comes packaged in a gorgeous magnetic rose gold foil branded keepsake box.

Box includes - 

  • gold cast lettuce garden tool 
  • mini cast mint rake
  • mini cast rosemary shovel
  • Tree agate
  • Rose Quartz
  • Clear Quartz
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Air Plant

-Cast lettuce and herb garden tools - The details are texture on the metal feel so vivid, real and impactful. Created from actual lettuce leaves and herbs. 

What more magical feeling than to be able to garden with golden lettuce?  

It is with a great feeling of pride that we announce our latest collection! This was a technical feat to achieve and took many attempts to become victorious. We never wavered from our vision to turn lettuce into metal. We went on many trips to the farmers market to make this happen. We achieved this at our design studio by coating lettuce in clay double layering it, turning it into wax, re-sculpting imperfections and then casting it.

At Ariana Ost we take a Jewelry approach to design and used our techniques to create these designs.

-Air Plants bring nature inside to elevate mood, purify your air quality and help make you feel more calm. Greenery connects to your heart chakra, is grounding, soothing and helps relief grief.

To care for your air plants, remove them once a week, submerge in water fully for 20-30 minutes, then remove, and shake out the water and dry them. Keep them exposed to sunlight, or indoor home or office lighting. They love bright spaces!


Clear Quartz - is an amplifier, reflects light, brings strength and has charging like energy.

Smoky Quartz - is for protection and functions as a filter to bring grounding energy. 

Rose Quartz - brings love, peace, harmony, compassion and gentle energy. 

Tree Agate - for inner peace, plentitude, abundance. Known to enhance crop yields, plant vitality and health and boost agriculture.

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