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House of Word Coffee

Original Blend

Original Blend

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Your constant companion: perfectly-sized to come on trains, planes, or a weekend away (read: anywhere with questionable coffee).

Using only premium, sustainably-sourced beans, our 100% Arabica ground coffee is made using a proprietary instant cold brew process. Smooth and chocolatey in taste, it makes for a concentrated cup—one that’s pretty damn good (if we say so ourselves), whether you take it hot or as a cold brew.

  • Ingredients: Word Coffee
  • Small: Makes up to 16 cups
  • Medium: Makes up to 33 cups
  • Large: Makes up to 100 cups

In addition to the sustainable sourcing of their beans, all packaging—including the label and adhesive, as well as shipping mailers—are made from plant-based materials. Both compostable and biodegradable, so you can just toss it in with food scraps. 

Moving towards a circular economy means rethinking and reimagining systems from the ground up. House of Word, employs regenerative farming methods and factor in key ecological, social, economic, functional, and disposal considerations.

These products have a dedicated end-of-life stream and incorporate the maximum amount of plant-based, renewable or recycled materials.

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