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SUPERCHARGE Copper Body Brush

SUPERCHARGE Copper Body Brush

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Start your day with a SUPERCHARGE. Our Copper Body Brush takes dry-brushing to new heights with ion-charged bristles that wake up the body, exfoliate the skin, and promote relaxation. We recommend prepping for every sauna or PEMF session with a SUPERCHARGE. Incorporating dry brushing as part of your daily detox routine will invigorate the skin and ignite a natural glow. Lock in the benefits of this luxurious ritual with one of our HigherDose Body Oils.

Why Copper bristles? The benefits of Copper go beyond energizing exfoliation. Ion-charged bristles create friction with the body, releasing neutralizing ions that are easily absorbed through the skin. This powerful reset grounds you in your natural energy state and promotes relaxation.

  • Brush Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 4 cm.
  • Material Composition: Beechwood board.
  • 2 rows of humane horsehair bristles.
  • 4.5 rows of copper wire bristles.
  • Real leather strap.
  • Iron grommets.
  • Copper Bristles: Ion-charged bristles elevate this Body Brush beyond exfoliating. Copper creates friction with the body, releasing neutralizing ions that reduce acidity levels in the body and balance your energy state.
  • Natural Horsehair: Natural horsehair bristles (responsibly and humanely sourced) add a luxuriously soft touch to an intensely exfoliating experience. Stimulate the skin, without irritation or discomfort.

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