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Skaut Coffee Roasters

Tail of the Dragon | Signature Blend

Tail of the Dragon | Signature Blend

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This is Skaut’s first signature blend after long hours of roasting a multitude of beans of all different times and temperatures, until we found the perfect combination of taste, quality and smoothness. This blend reminds the founder of Skaut Coffee Roasters, Eugene, of his first quality cup of coffee in college while hiking in the Costa Rica volcanic mountains in college. He’s been on the hunt finding 100% Arabica Coffee without success, but his obsession to replicate the taste can be best found in this blend. Eugene personally loves tasting the Central and South American nutty, chocolatey and smooth coffee flavors.

Also known as “Deals Gap” located in the Great Smoky Mountains along North Carolina and Tennessee, this majestic destination has 328 curves in 11 miles with no intersecting roads or driveways. Find the “Tree of Shame” at the end of the road.

To guarantee freshness and quality, we roast-to-order. We care about where our beans come from, their impact on the environment, the people that produce them, and the quality of the coffee that end up in your mug every morning, afternoon, and evening.

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