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Tern & Friends Journey Journal™

Tern & Friends Journey Journal™

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Tern & Friends has it all! It’s an original story of 3 friends visiting Egypt, a journal for young wanderers to chart their thoughts, and has empty pages for doodling.
It’s handy as a bedtime story for younger siblings, includes interesting details about Egypt, has illustrations to color, crossword games, and travel bingo!

  • Comprising of 3 parts: a story, a journal, and a doodle section
  • Top spiral bound
  • Text collated vertically so that it faces our young adventurers as they turn pages
  • A5 size: 5.827” W x 8.268” H
  • 100 pages total, 42 blank
  • Designed in USA
  • Imported
  • Written by Latoya Allison & Illustrations by Gabrielle Ricci
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