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Too Legit GRIT | rosemary + lemon

Too Legit GRIT | rosemary + lemon

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Some dirt just needs to get a grit. You know those smudges and that built up shmeg that need more than a spray? The stubborn prints and marks all over the walls? the stainless steel that is stained and doesn't shine? The glass stovetops that NEVER seem to get clean? The tiles that are looking filmy? Well here is their nemesis. No one needs to sacrifice their health with bleach and "magic" erasers to get the job done. No one does. This baking soda based GRIT scrub is your new best weapon.

  • Ingredients: natural baking soda, organic Castile soap, hydrogen peroxide and organic essential oils: lemon, rosemary
  • How to use; Using a damp cloth (we like old facecloths and cut up towels), scoop a teaspoon of GRIT onto surface. Gently move around and scrub as needed. Use more for larger areas. Rinse cloth and wipe away! If any film is left behind, keep rinsing and wiping.
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