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Yamazaki USA Inc

Slotted Soap Tray & Toothbrush + Toiletries Stand - Steel

Slotted Soap Tray & Toothbrush + Toiletries Stand - Steel

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This slotted-soap dish is a step up from leaving soap in a sudsy pool of water. Giving your soap a lift will not only elevate the look of your bathroom sink, it will keep your soap cleaner and more sanitary, too.

One million and one times better than a toothbrush cup. This smart sink organizer offers individual slots for toothpaste, brushes and other dental tools. The design keeps toothbrushes upright and in their own lane, never touching one another. Not only is this open-frame design more sanitary, but it’s easier to clean, too. The bottom tray pops out, making clean-up much easier than reaching for the bottom of a cup.
  • Material: Steel
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