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Vacuum-Sealing Food Container w. Spoon - Polypropylene

Vacuum-Sealing Food Container w. Spoon - Polypropylene

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These airtight, top-popping containers will keep your dry goods fresh and fragrant. For the precise chef, you’ll love that the containers come with a measuring spoon. Whether scooping tea, coffee, or sugar, make the perfect beverage time after time. Stack these space-saving containers in your cabinet or fridge to keep all your go-to spices and seasoning stocked and loaded.

Food storage elevated. The container's transparent siding makes finding the exact ingredients easy, especially when you are in a pinch! A vacuum-suction lid offers an airtight design that will keep herbs, pickled products, and dry goods fresh and preserved, perfect for travel and meal prep purposes. No spoon, no problem, the complementary spoon rests daintily in its designated spot, staying in place and ready to serve. Plus, thanks to the unique cube design, you can easily stack the containers making your fridge and pantry that much more organized. The more containers, the better your food storage will become!


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Product is 3.62 x 3.62 x 4.02 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 0.45 pounds.
  • Holds over 2 cups (roughly 500ml) of ingredients.
  • Comes with a small spoon that rests below the lid.
  • No assembly required.
  • Product features - Airtight, Dishwasher Safe, Lid
  • Comes with a Measuring Spoon.
  • Available in white and black.
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