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Remote Workers Are Here To Stay. Here's How Short-Term Rental Hosts Can Take Advantage.

September 18,2023 | Published by Barr Balamuth


The pandemic triggered a massive rise in remote work, creating huge demand for work-friendly short-term rentals. According to AirDNA, searches for remote-friendly spaces have surged 90% since 2020 - and continue rising. Adding remote-friendly features unlocks your property's potential to be discovered by flexible travelers and digital nomads specifically seeking those attributes. 

For instance, travelers using platforms like Airbnb can filter by amenities like "laptop-friendly workspace," "fast WiFi," and "digital nomad approved." Listings equipped with these items will typically rank higher in relevant searches, increasing your odds of getting booked. Adding these amenities  effectively unlocks a new audience that may not have considered your listing otherwise, significantly boosting your listing's visibility.

Appealing to remote workers also comes with some straightforward financial benefits for hosts. Remote employees often book longer-term stays, providing more steady, predictable income versus single-night reservations. Less frequent turnovers also reduce cleaning and maintenance costs. Unlike vacationers, remote workers travel year-round, so they help fill seasonal booking gaps between peak times. In short, they enable year-round occupancy as opposed to relying solely on holiday travelers.

So how can hosts transform their space into an ideal work-friendly rental? This is where InHouse's AI-powered Remote Worker SmartList comes in. Our SmartLists tool analyzes the unique dimensions and attributes of your property, then suggests a tailored list of products catering specifically to remote workers' needs. Recommendations may include ergonomic furniture like standing desks and modular sofas that enable flexible work arrangements, as well as tech essentials like cable management systems and multi-device charging stations.

The key advantage of InHouse's Smartlist is personalization. Generic lists don't account for your property's distinctive features. With AI-optimization, you enhance your rental for remote work without compromising its unique charm. Listings fine-tuned to meet remote workers' needs benefit from boosted visibility, expanded booking audiences, and greater income potential.

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