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Ceramic Stoneware Creamer - SABLO

Ceramic Stoneware Creamer - SABLO

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Ceramic Stoneware Creamer - SABLO was designed by Frederike Martens. The SABLO line takes inspiration from natural materials. The shapes are soft and inviting with pleasantly rounded edges and a slightly rough surface in some areas and glazed in others. 

  • Dishwasher Safe and Microwave Safe
  • 2" Height x 3.5" x 3.3" / 5cm x 9cm x 8.5cm
  • Holds 5 oz of liquid / 150ml
  • The glazed portion of Cloud is a beautiful cloud color of white/beige with a slight grey undertone
  • The glazed portion of Stone is a light grey color with blue undertone
  • The glazed portion of Savannah is a warm summery color of deep yellow
  • The textured, unglazed portion is a soft beige reminiscent of the natural sand and clay from which the piece is made, and the slight speckled look harmonizes the color combination of the glazed and unglazed areas.

SABLO stoneware is made from colored clay and a unique mix of quartz, minerals and oxide. Stoneware is defined as a group of ceramic products and is used to produce plates, dishes, cachepots and bowls, molded at very high temperatures using special casting techniques. The high temperature during the firing process ensure stoneware is more stable than clay and less translucent than porcelain.

The colors, shapes, appearance of the glaze as well as the overall look depend on the firing temperature and time and may vary slightly from piece to piece - each piece is unique and may show individual structures and shades. The clay of SABLO is fired at a very high temperature, therefore doesn't require all over glazing. 

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