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Cocobrush is dentist-designed to be gentler and more effective than an ordinary toothbrush. Its super-soft micro-bristles sweep away stinky, cavity-causing bacteria. Your gums get a tender massage, while your teeth are pampered with a cleansing polish. Plus, the curved handle is proudly made with recycled ocean-bound plastic. Eco-luxe spa day for your smile!

  • 16x more effective at cleaning between your teeth than a standard toothbrush.
  • So soft it’s fluffy. (Seriously. This toothbrush feels crazy good.)
  • Tall, tapered bristles scrub between chompers and underneath the gumline, while short, rounded bristles polish pearly whites to perfection.
  • Compact, angled brush-head easily reaches tartar-prone areas.
  • Handle made from 98% recycled Oceanworks plastic. (Food-grade. BPA- and BPS-free.)
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