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Primrose Feminine Cleansing Cloths

Primrose Feminine Cleansing Cloths

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I think we’ve all experienced times when our ‘down there’ has smelled less than pleasant. Whether it’s after a stressful day at work or during our cycle, it’s always the same - everything’s just smelly, swampy, and uncomfy. Fortunately, with Primrose Feminine Cleansing Cloths, it’s more convenient than ever to feel fresh and clean downstairs.

Get ready for a downstairs deep clean. This balancing feminine wipes not only hydrates, conditions, and smooths delicate skin, the coconut oil also offers antibacterial properties that help to balance bacteria and maintain pH. Your girl will be positively glowing.

  • Hydrates, conditions, and smooths delicate skin
  • Antibacterial properties that help to balance bacteria and maintain pH
  • Available in 15 count, 30 count, 45 count

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