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Cloth Storage Hamper - Steel

Cloth Storage Hamper - Steel

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Raining three-pointers into the storage hamper.

Popular across Japan, these hampers are placed next to tables to hold bags, hats, and other accessories–primarily to keep your items off of floors. They're light, compact, and easily portable from room to room. Station them as an extra clothes hamper in a guest room or bathroom, or use them as a magazine holder for your living room or catch-all in the entryway. Why not also use them in the nursery to separate and organize toys?

Use the short version to provide extra storage next to low furniture or as a discreet hamper. The elevated version provides great assistance when loading and unloading the laundry machine. Both versions feature a convenient folding function for tucking away when not in use, while the lightweight design and handles make for easy toting.

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